Travel Bucket List


My mom and my brother have gone once before and it has always been a dream of mine – the floating market in Bangkok, Buddhist temples, the food! I mean c’mon.


Where Hinduism originated. I have always been fascinated by deities of different cultures, but the Hindi goddesses struck me as the most beautiful and meaningful. I even have a tattoo of Saraswati, a major goddess representing art, music, knowledge, and learning (love her!).


Oh Ireland. The view from famous cliffs, renowned castles, sky scraping towers! I can only dream. Not to mention I am part Irish, though my looks say otherwise. My first name is Kaitlyn which is the American version of a Gaelic name; and my last name is McGuire, which translates from its Gaelic form to “son of the dun”.

Salem, Massachusetts

Where the infamous witch hunts of 1692 happened plus it’s not that far from me in New York. I recently became interested in reading about witchcraft and Wicca and how many people still practice it today. It has horrible misconceptions that it’s evil or related to the devil, but there is no such thing as Satan in Wiccan religion. The devil is a western evil, whereas witchcraft started in the eastern countries, like England. It’s just so fascinating learning about other practices and beliefs; it also came in handy in my British Literature class.


Again, I love reading about mythology, fairytales, and folklore so Germany is the place to go. One of my classes focused on the true meanings behind many well known fairy tales, like Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood. It all started by the two Grimm brothers writing these stories for an adult audience. There is a tour route of over 370 miles going through the dainty towns related to fairy tales and the Grimm brothers. Also the food and beer, duh.

There are so many other places I would like to travel to, but these are on the top of my list. What’s on your travel bucket list?

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