What I’ve Been Up To ~ Winter/Spring 2018

Hello and hi! I have been so super busy with school.  I know I always say that but the semester is coming to an end, and I’m internally crying over the amount of work I have to do and catch up on. On the bright side (literally), mother nature decided to skip spring weather and bring on summer temperatures of 85 degrees this week – but I’m not complaining.

School wise I am loving most of my classes, especially literary theory. My professor is the most brilliant and eccentric person I have ever had as a teaching figure. He turns such an presupposed boring topic into the center of our average lives. If you love psychoanalysis and thought provoking concepts and ideas, I would suggest reading Poe’s Fall of the House of Usher and Henry Jame’s Turn of the Screw. If anyone has read them I would love to have a discussion about either.

For easter break I took a long weekend trip with my boyfriend to my grandmother’s condo in Florida. I used to go down every year, but I stopped about six years ago. It brought back a lot of my favorite childhood memories, if not the best. We basically relaxed on the beach right outside the condo and ate at some good restaurants. The only annoying thing was my professors decided to make all my mid-semester papers due during break, so I was non-stop working but at least I did it in the sun.

Here is one of my favorite an effortless outfits during my trip. It’s perfect for spring. This is a super soft dark grey romper I found on sale at Urban Outfitters for only $15!!!! I paired it with some patent leather mules from Madden Girl and threw on some thick Valentino sunnies and called it a day. My favorite part of this romper, though it is not shown, it the entire back is open in a V shape. Btw, the Henri Bendel bag has a candle in it, and let me just say this is the best smelling candle with great burn time I have ever experienced. The scent is cashmere and it is better than my previous cashmere scented candles by a long shot.

Trying to post like Amina Blue but she works it way better

Pupdate: My two doggos are the best. That’s really all I can say. I did a post about how your dog is your best friend, and I cannot stress that enough. I saw this meme online that basically said that you can see all your impurities and imperfections, but your furry friend sees absolutely no flaws about your appearance, personality, or any self-diminishing thoughts. Here’s one of the memes.


Lastly, I would like to mention I am doing a new bit on the blog about my health and fitness journey. I’m unsure about the medium, whether it’ll be just writing with images or a video style or a mix of both. I would just briefly mention that I am doing this all on my own. I am not out of shape or trying to lose weight. I just want to feel healthy and strong. I have always been physically active between running, kickboxing, and weight training, but I was not consistent over the years nor was my eating habits the best.

That is just a quick update. I still have plenty of more to catch up on, but over the summer I will most definitely place my utmost attention and efforts into my blog because I really do love writing and reflecting on my personal life – even if no one reads it.

So goodbye for now and here’s just a few questions to conclude this post.

How is your semester or work going so far?

What are your favorite spring outfits?


7 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To ~ Winter/Spring 2018

      1. Well, in that case: good luck studying for finals and writing your papers!! I thought you were done. Classes for me ended the last week of last month and finals finished two weeks ago.

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