New Year’s Resolutions

I never really make new year’s resolutions, but perhaps this year’s clean slate will be different.

1. Blog More

I’ve had my blog for about five months and I’m on and off with it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about when I first created it. I want to do more travel blogs, especially since I live in NYC. I want to share my experiences so others who want to visit NYC know some good recommendation.

2. Exercise More & Eat Healthy

Ironically, when I was busier I was working out more and eating better. I was going to school every day, going to work four to five days per week, going to the gym, and run a few mornings before school. I find that the busier you are, the more motivated you are to fit something in your schedule. During this time, I looked and felt my best. I had so much energy throughout the whole day, and I really want to try to get it back.

3. Manage Schoolwork Time

I always put school first and I do pretty well; however, I always have been a last-minute person, specifically with school work. I am an English major, so I have more papers due than tests. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. I am a better writer than test-taker, but the amount of time until its due flies right by me. This past semester I let that happen and had two papers due one day, one the next day, and one the following day. It was extremely overwhelming, so I am trying to use my planner and phone reminders more often.

That is all for my resolutions. I personally think having too many is hard to handle and places more work on myself, but it really depends on the person.

Let me know what your resolutions are. Thank you for reading!

Family Time

Hello all. I hope everyone is well. My cousins and her parents came to New York for a quick holiday weekend. Unfortunately I was not able to see them that much because I was busy with finals, but most of the McGuires gathered in the city for some classic Italian dinner and a quick pic with the famous NYC Christmas tree.

The McGuire family and some photo- bombers in the far back lol

I have not seen cousins in a few years, and it makes me sad that I cannot spend more time with them since I am not very close with the other side of my family. Everyone’s family works differently but I am grateful for all that I have.

In case you guys were wondering about my outfit… I always go for all black attire with something that stands out. Here, it is my classic beige coat.

Anyways, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

7 Tips & Tricks To Help Me Study

I am in the middle of finals of my sophomore year and I cannot wait for winter break. Between work, school, and being a mom to my two pups (Trixie & Meeko), its hard to stay awake and focused on studying. Here are my personal tips and tricks that I find work the best for me.

1. Find your atmosphere

I cannot study in silence, nor in my own home. I often procrastinate and get anxious when there’s no background noise. I started going to Barnes & Noble to write my papers because its close to home, has background noise, and contains a Starbucks. Its a win-win-win. If you need what other people think are distractions, like me, go to your local cafe, bookstore, or even a park for some fresh air.

2. Plan a study date

My friend from school started meeting up to work on the same papers and tests, but make sure you don’t get off topic. I found that even if we were working on different assignments, I still concentrated on my own work because she was as well. It’s a mirroring effect, where you and a friend want to be doing the same thing. This works at the gym with my workout buddy, too. Seeing someone else work hard makes me want to work just as much.

3. Hydrate!!!

I need caffeine always in the afternoon, but after that I try to stay away from taking in more. Drinking water whenever I feel tired seems to help me stay awake, especially if its ice-cold.

4. Set a start and end time

Just like a test, you want to get your work done before a certain amount of time. Just don’t rush.

5. Keep your distraction locked away

In most cases, its our phones. Such a small piece of technology can be such a large distraction. If you’re out, keep it in your car. If you’re at home, keep it in a drawer. If you find that it doesn’t work, ask someone to hold on to it until you are completely finished with all your work.

6. Rewrite your notes

I can sit in lecture for two hours and not retain one piece of information, but if I write something down I can remember it for years. I run on chirography motor-memory; for others its simply listening to a professor. A quick trick is to write a term and its corresponding definition using only key terms.

eg. Copernicus: solar system, sun in center

7. Munch & Chew

Some think chewing gum helps retain information. When I’m studying outside home, I bring a little snack to help me focus and give me energy. I try to bring snacks more on the healthy side, like nuts or dried fruit.


I hope you guys try my own tips and tricks help you with school. Let me know what helps you study and I’ll try them out. Thank you for visiting!




Phone Free Days

Hello! So, it’s been a while since my last blog post because my phone has been broken and I am super busy with end of semester papers. I will in my next post write some tips for dealing with the stress of writing a paper.

I do a lot of my posting on my phone because I am always on the go with school and work, but the absence of this little hand held technology is nice. I always try to stay off my phone when I have something to do or if I’m with friends and family, so I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with it. Some people can’t go a minute without checking their phone. The main reason I really need one is to get in touch with people at work. My phone has had a major cracked screen with glass falling off for about two months and that didn’t bother me. My previous phones had cracked screens, glitches, unresponsive buttons, but neither of that really bothered me enough to the point where I had to buy a new one immediately.

Sometimes when I’m with my boyfriend I make sure our phones are far from reach and we do activities that suit the season. For example, we bought ceramic skulls at Michael’s and painted them metallic copper for Halloween. It was a cute activity he really enjoyed. We put on some music and a glass of wine and painted away. Other days, especially during this time of year, we’ll take a trip into Manhattan and go for walks through Central Park, check out thrift stores, and get dinner at a cute trendy restaurant. During the summer we drive down the shore to the beach with some packed fruit and coconut water and take in the sun. During the winter we’ll cuddle up with some tea or hot cocoa and watch out favorite films or shows.

I don’t watch TV or go on my computer often, but its nice to stay away from screens. If you and a loved one want to have a technology free date, go outside and explore your town or city and leave your phones at home. You may discover some new hobbies while you’re at it.


What kinds of technology-free activities do you enjoy?

A Dog Is Your Bestfriend

A pet is your best friend. They wait for you to come home everyday, even if you’re stepping out for a few minutes. They will love you endlessly and will always be there for you. I believe they know when you are upset, so they provide comfort and cuddles. I currently have two dogs, Trixie and Meeko. Trixie is a little shih tsu who is eight years old, and Meeko is a one year old black puggle.

Whenever I was upset Meeko would sleep on my bed every night under the covers with me, and believe it or not I felt much better knowing I had some love and support. Trixie would just lie on the end of the bed or on the floor, but I know she cares.

My first dog was a pug named Taz. I’ve had him since I was five years old and he passed in 2014. He was and still is the best dog ever. He was everyone’s best friend, and his death had such a terrible impact on all of us, especially Trixie. They were inseperable; they traveled everywhere together and even slept in the same tiny bed. After he was gone, she stopped eating and being her playful self. She would wait at the front door from the moment she woke up till she fell asleep. We all felt bad for her so we got another pup (Meeko) to distract her. She was still upset and I am sure she will never forget her best friend, but Meeko did help with everyone’s sadness. The vet said Trixie’s maternal instincts kicked in, which is why she became very lethargic and uninterested in most things that she would normally go crazy over. Keep in mind that he was not a replacement, but just a new addition to the family.

So what I’m basically saying is don’t take your pets for granted. They care about you more than you think they do and they think of you as their best friends they’ll ever have. They need love and care just as everyone else does.